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Hi I am Renata

NurtureLife® Pregnancy Massage is registered by Pregnancy Massage Australia® (PMA), providing the most up to date and relevant research in perinatal massage care.(for more information about NurtureLife® Pregnancy Massage, please visit the Pregnancy Massage Australia website )

I am here to support you on your journey to wellness through massage. I am a fully qualified, experienced massage  therapist, and I strive to facilitate a space for women to reconnect to their bodies, explore their inner wisdom, and to share their unique feminine experience. 

I have completed studies in :

  • Remedial Massage,

  • Aromatherapy, 

  • Reflexology 

  • Nutrition,

  • Trigger Point Therapy

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage

  • Pregnancy Massage Practitioner

  • Infant Massage Instructor

  • Fertility Massage


I specialize in a remedial  and therapeutic massage with an emphasis on women's body and health. With 20 years experience my treatments combine various techniques resulting in a massage tailored to suit individual requirements to relive variety of discomforts, sooth any nervous tension and promote greater vitality.

As well as my professional expertise, I bring empathy, respect and kindness to my work,   and a deep wish to help all my clients to heal both physically and emotionally.


I am a registered practitioner with PMA. IMIS, have a current Senior First Aid Certificate , I am fully insured for public liability  and committed to best practice and ongoing professional development.

Healing Hands Studio

Healing Hands Studio is located in Randwick in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney in a secluded residential location. Healing Hands Studio is a home based business, which is separate from the main residence offering privacy. It is pleasantly furnished with a peaceful and tranquil decor.

Space to Talk

When arriving for your first treatment the therapist will go through an  initial consultation with you to find out your reasons for having a massage, if you have any medical conditions, injuries or 'contra-indications and to decide the best treatment plan for your needs. A physical client assessment may be required on sessions depending on the state of muscular tension and reasons for treatment at that time. The therapist  will  pay attention to:

  • Postural Observation & Symmetry

  • Muscular Flexibility

  • Joint Mobility

  • Ranges of Movement through active, passive and resisted movements.

  • Initial Palpations of skin, muscles & bones.

On each treatment after the initial session the therapist will do a brief pre-treatment consultation to see how you have been since the last treatment in terms of lifestyle and present/previous symptoms along with post-treatment feedback & aftercare.

Space to Receive a Massage

The massage room is bright and peaceful, equipped with comfortable and adjustable massage table, fresh cotton linens and towels, plenty of pillows for support, relaxing music, high quality massage oils and a fan and heaters to adjust temperature for your comfort.


For Pregnancy Massage, from 12 weeks to 25weeks gestation, a Pregnancy Pillow Support Cushion System is recommended and available. The Cushions System is a modular set of contoured cushions that safely support the pregnant women throughout the massage in the prone position. In later pregnancy you can experience a complete massage supported in a side-lying position. If lying down is simply not comfortable, you can remain seated for a relaxing partial massage.

Space to learn self-care techniques

After every one of your massages the care continues. The therapist will discuss feedback with you to see how you found the treatment to be and how it can be made even better for your personal needs in future if required. It is your treatment so your well-being and input is top priority! Besides the immediate relief you get from a massage, you may also learn ways to increase your comfort at home. Your massage therapist might give you feedback on posture or suggest gentle exercises and stretches specific to you and your needs so you can continue to improve your problem areas, lifestyle & well-being in between treatments.

IMG_20191123_132029 (2).jpg

The greatest gift I can give, is the gift of nurturing touch, of relief, of relaxation.

My goal is to unwind, reward and refresh, your mind,  body and soul. I believe that having a general sense of well-being, is the foundation for good health, and living abundant life. "When you feel good, you do good."

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